Domestic Flow
Through a comprehensive evaluation of your space and your ideal living scenario,  Creative Order uses space planning and organization to create a living environment that is most conducive to your life and style.
Home Arrangement
Creative Order comes to your home with a fresh perspective, with a sense of curiosity and the intention of designing a floor plan that supports your values and lifestyle. Walking through your personal environment we evaluate space and furniture  allocation, paying particular attention to flow and function. Using what you already have, and understanding and developing ideas about comfort and intention we can recreate your home so your life reflects your vision.
Using principles of organization that fit your lifestyle, Creative Order will help establish systems that deal with the ins and outs of your life weather it is setting up a self purging filing system, or making a home studio or office more than a drop off zone. Creative Order can help you get your life under control.
Walk through
2 - 4 hour meeting in your personal environment discussing how you would like to improve your domestic flow. Through a room by room look at space planning, furniture arrangement and organization we develop a plan to reflect what you need and desire in an ideal living space.  
$150 - $300

+ Plan and Task list
+ a written plan and schematic drawing, including a room by room itemized task list to help facilitate your reclamation project
Walk through fee + $45.00 hourly fee for plan preparation

Hands on Help
Whether you need help getting started, completely  following through, or staying motivated and feeling supported throughout the process, Creative Order will help. Assistance also provided in finding the right items or movers.
$55.00 hourly fee
Creative Order